Mom and Daughter with their Pet

Pet Loss Bereavement Counseling

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Fausat Odebe

Fausat acquired the skills to properly assist her clients by going through intense training with the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (A.P.L.B). In 2016, Fausat became a certified Pet loss counselor under the direction of Dr. Wallce Sife. In 2017, Fausat also became a Certified Mental Health Aide through the National Council for Behavioral Health. Both paths provided Fausat with a mutual understanding of healing as well as growth. Combine that knowledge with her innate universal and spiritual guidance led to a higher sensitivity of other's loss.

Fausat Odebe

Our one on one session all us to get to know the emotions you're dealing with at root of the loss, as well as develop coping mechanism to find relief in the midst of grief. Sharing your story will give us both a different perspective on how to handle this particular loss.

Growing older with your friend has it ups and downs. Not only does it take a toll on you. But also the child or (children) in your home. Are you having a difficult time talking to your child or spouse about loss? We are here for you all. Let us support you through these difficult times.