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Tails From Heaven

We here at Tails from Heaven LLC, understand exactly what it is to lose a pet. Because of that knowledge we are committed to supporting our clients with counseling that ensures lifelong strategies around coping with that loss. Our founder and lead counselor Fausat Odebe, spent 17 years as a certified veterinarian assistant. During this time, she developed the skills to create a safe atmosphere with in-depth discernment of compassion as well as tools to effectively handle the loss of a family friend. Since 2016, Fausat has dedicated her time and energy to developing techniques for grief counseling that not only deal with depths of bereavement but also to genuinely nurture our clients at every level of the process. Fausat has worked tirelessly within her community offering acts of love, kindness, and support.

Fausat Odebe

Fausat has always loved animals, even as a child. Protected them,

Cared for them. Unfortunately found them deceased. However, they were
preserved and maintained a devoted fair well. As a young adult working
and going to school to become a Veterinary Assistant. Assisting the

doctors and working side by side with technicians was her dream. As

she has gotten further into her career, Fausat recognized there was a
greater mission for her life. People needed more than an "I'm sorry for
your loss" when it came to grieving their pets. Clients were returning
home without the presence and love of their animal. It became important
for Fausat to help those who need assurance during this difficult time
in their life. Her drive is to show compassion and love that helps heal
their hearts.

The loss of a loved one needs to be handled with care and sensitivity.
The most difficult times for her clients are when they have to 

euthanize a pet. Fausat has felt their grief before and it compelled to 

share her story: Their loss was her loss as well. Coping with personal

grief, Fausat struggled tirelessly to deal with her greatest loss, her son,
Kingdom. Fausat dove into the steps of grief. The insight and
acknowledging her client's pain as well from a healing point of view. "
My son has gained another pet in heaven".

Fausat acquired the skills to properly assist her clients by going
through intense training with the Association for Pet Loss and
Bereavement (A.P.L.B). In 2016, Fausat became a certified Pet loss
Counselor under the direction of Dr. Wallce Sife. In 2017, Fausat also
became a Certified Mental Health Aide through the National Council for
Behavioral Health. Both paths provided Fausat with a mutual
understanding of healing as well as growth. Combine that knowledge

with her innate universal and spiritual guidance led to a higher

sensitivity of other's loss. She recognized and administered strategies,

coping mechanisms that help treat the difficulties that we all can encounter
when dealing with grief. Fausat's purpose is to bring clarity and light
into a dim and somber experience. Something that very few people talk
about but many have experience.

Clients have expressed that "Fausat is willing to walk through the grief
with your time and time again. While grief counseling techniques may be
learned (and she has taken the time to hone those skills) true
compassion comes from within.  Fausat has a gift for connecting with
people and making us all feel understood"

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