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Dealing With A Pet: Excessively Licking!

Hey, I'm Fausat Odebe-Bergy. The owner of Tails From Heaven. If, you're a first time visitor, welcome! Share your feedback and thoughts here, or follow my Facebook group. Click here to connect.

First, how are you?

I wanted to talk to a little bit about my compassionate pet counseling for pets lovers. I’m dedicated to supporting and honoring the animal- human bond. Our services range from pet loss, veterinary services, pet aftercare and loss.

This blog is in two parts. Today's blog from Tails From Heaven will address pet care and guidance with a pet that excessively licks.

The second part of will discuss pet loss and how I dealt with my loss with the love of my life Wynzor. Don't worry, it's not going to get all depressing and somber. It's okay. I’d like to start with talking about my baby girl, Wynzor (pictured below). She was an amazing girl!

But of course, we pet lovers talk about our pets as though they were our kids! She had an excessive licking situation. It doesn't matter what she was doing. Whether she was licking the air or licking herself. She was licking everything constantly. It was so annoying but, you know what, I would give anything right now for those licks.

Have you had a pet with this type of behavior? Here's eight reason's why a pet may lick excessively. Depending on the severity, you should consult a veterinarian.

The most obvious, behavioral. Things to watch are:

  1. Pet having anxiety or being down right bored!

  2. Pets have feelings, or reactions to various things. So, the excessive licking may calm down your pet.

  3. Your pet's licking may be directly tied to the person or animal, they are showing affection.

  4. This excessiveness may be the way your pet enjoys the sensation or enjoy the taste.

The medical reasons, lead to health concerns as they age:

  1. Your pet has an allergy.

  2. There's an infection.

  3. Your pet may be in pain.

  4. Your pet has digestive disorder.

My Wynzor, a mixed breed terrier was a rescue from The Humane Society of Washington County. Wynzor was truly one of the loves my life. And I miss her so much. I see her in my dreams. The loss of a pet can effect the mood or disposition of other family pets. For example my other dog, Mr. Wilson (pictured below) deeply misses her.

Here’s my questions for you? How do you grieve your losses? How do you memorialize your animal, or your pet? How are you coping ?

I'm interested to know, because I want to know you. And most importantly, I want to see where we can take this healing process.

Till the next blog. Part two.

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