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Hump Day!

Information on Tails From Heaven

Walk with us to the world of honoring and taking care of animals, we consider, extended family and valued companions.

Today's journey, Hump Day! Part One:

Tails From Heaven, features a wide array of services for the beginning stages of a pets life to the aging pet. I'm proud to share a few of our unique services:

*Guidance & Advice - maintenance and health care for pets

*Pet Loss Counseling - individuals to groups

*Veterinarian Support - staff support for animal hospitals or clinics

By Fausat Odebe-Bergey

Wednesday! It's Fausat from Tails In Heaven LLC, Happy Hump Day. I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about joy. Joy is something, a feeling, an emotion. Look a blessing. Sometimes we walk around this earth with no joy. I take joy in the little things, the very small things that some people might take for granted. My children woke up happy this morning. That's a joy. I cleaned up my house this morning. That's a joy, because I don't have to do it later. Right?

Let me introduce the personality of my dog, Mr. Wilson. I am sure, someone reading this has a Mr. Wilson! It may be a cat, dog or another animal. Your pet may be young or old. What's important to note, each have a distinct personality that transcends their animal bodies.

My Mr. Wilson (I will introduce him in the next blog, with photos) is a little contrary when it comes to his biscuits and strips. His cantankerous personality, represents a little old man. Mr. Wilson is a scrappy, wired hair terrier. Heinz 57 AKA a mutt right? You know the kind.

I met my companion and friend about eight years ago, while working at my former place of employment. He was scheduled for the euthanasia list at the shelter. One of my awesome friends picked him up, along with some other animals, that were saved.

Photograph by @pexels-samson-katt

Photograph by @pexels-charles-pixels

I got that name Mr. Wilson from the movie "Castaway" with actor, Tom Hanks. In the movie his volleyball was Mr. Wilson. His saving grace.

At one point in my life, I was a castaway! Mr. Wilson was my volleyball, and he still is. He's imprinting more on my, my oldest son, Orion in their respective species. When I first met Mr. Wilson, not housebroken yet! He may have been around three years old, he just roamed the streets of Martinsburg, West Virginia!

Photograph by daniel-franks-pexels

He's a older now. And I'm being aware of his aches and pains. Making sure to provide preventative care. It's important for all dogs or cats as they get older. But, in my Castaway moment, Mr. Wilson has brought in solace, stability, comfort, protection, and most of all, joy in my life. Mr Wilson is another force to be reckoned with.

Photograph by @pexels-rachel-claire

He came to me at a time in my life where I didn't think that one, I would get another dog.

What does your Mr. Wilson bring to your life?

Did you have a moment of clarity when you first fell in love with your joy? I know I did. I hold on to it, and I still do.

Photograph by @pexels-madeline-bassinder

Even when the ups and downs and the currents of emotions get stirring and discouraging and a little unsettling. I still hold on to that little piece of joy. And that little piece of joy, brought me here today. So, what's your joy bring you? I would love to know.

Photography by @pexels-ali-müftüoğulları

Let me know, comment, like and of course, share. Y'all take care have an amazing hump day. It's a beautiful day outside. Let's live in it, let's bask in it. Let's enjoy it and take it for all that it's worth!,

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