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Meet Mr. Wilson

By Fausat Odebe- Bergey

In my last blog, I mentioned introducing you to my old man. My pet dog named Mr. Wilson. Here he is! A little contrary when it comes to his biscuits. Can you see his cantankerous little old man personality? Mr. Wilson is a scrappy, wired hair terrier. Heinz 57 AKA a mutt right? I met him about eight and half years ago, at my previous job.

He was actually on the euthanasia list. This little scrappy character, Mr. Wilson is another force to be reckoned with. But, again, in a house full of Scorpio's, Leo's and Gemini's, he's kind of wraps around the whole universal tree of things. He arrived at a time in my life where I didn't think that, I would get another dog. I didn't have any animals on my account. All I bought was candles. Matter of fact, that was the pet that I had. Candles, because that's all I wanted. But he reached out to me. And he gave me this joy and attention that I was not getting from anything else. And, I wasn't giving it to myself right? I felt,.. you know,..alone! So, during this transition with Mr. Wilson, me trying to housebreak him. As I mentioned in my previous blog, he roamed the streets of West Virginia. He is very set in his ways. If, you didn't take him out,.. well. He would and still does, let you know. If you delay. He will let you know and you will smell it! You will smell it!

But, Mr. Wilson brings joy to my life. The little things, little licks, little barks when somebody wants to come in the house that doesn't belong. He's awesome and amazing! The joy that he brings to my life is something that is so transparent. It's so phenomenal, the little things right? As he gets older, as much as I'm trying to prepare myself for the inevitable. I'm enjoying those little things. He brings an adventure, excitement and courage. I believe that with Mr. Wilson being by my side, and going through trials with me. He has become the cornerstone for everything that I do, including talking to you today. So what brings joy to your life?

Do you have a little Mr. Olson? Do you, did you use to have a little Mr Wilson? In your life, did you have one moment when it was clear? Why your pet or pets were or are in your life?

I would love to hear your story about your Mr. Wilson.

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